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Yes chain is one of Boca ecological builders, focusing on cross chain transactions of assets, especially virtual assets such as game props. Boca does the infrastructure layer, and other businesses are delivered to the community. Yeschain is positioned as a cross chain hub of digital assets. One of the goals is to make yesbank, a truly decentralized exchange based on Boca, to realize centralized exchange by using real cross chain. It is not like BTS with centralized gateway, not like Ethereum or EOS, It can only trade tokens based on eth platform or EOS platform, and can achieve a block time of 1-2s and a final deterministic delay within 10s.Yeschain uses multi chain architecture to solve the congestion problem. The transaction is confirmed in one second to meet the high performance and low delay required by the game. At the same time, it uses the method of mapping other public chain data and making secondary confirmation to realize safe cross chain interaction, which can support the game docking of various public chains.

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