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The AD chain is a diversified business ecosystem that integrates the catering industry, tourism, hotel industry and e-commerce. It is based on the unique blockchain decentralized technology, and is divided into “industrial diversification, product differentiation and global distribution”. Under the guidance of the development strategy of “certification of assets”, it has developed steadily and constantly innovated, creating tremendous social value.The AD chain was founded by the Singapore Chinese Business Foundation. The company's main business scope: blockchain network technology research and development, digital asset management. The company is composed of a number of outstanding Chinese business elites. The current directors: XIAO YAO, CEO: GOH KHENG HEE,DANIEL, Chief Operating Officer: David Y Lei, etc., invited consultant: Zhou Rong. The Huashang Foundation adopted a decision-making form for the AD chain system.The AD chain structure consists of a decision-making committee, a fund self-governing committee, and an executive committee. The governance structure includes operational procedures and rules for daily work and special situations.In order to avoid the direction of community members, the inconsistency of decision-making, and even the resulting division of the community, the Huashang Foundation has defined the general affairs and privileged matters of the management community by establishing a good governance structure. The design goal of the Huashang Foundation governance structure is to maintain the sustainability of the platform ecology, decision-making efficiency and fund management compliance. The Huashang Foundation is exercised daily power by the decision-making committee.

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