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SUM TOKEN is a revolutionary payment platform where buyers can trade (private or commercial) in their favorite encrypted currency. As a trustworthy intermediary platform, we not only provide safe and convenient legal monetary collection channels for sellers, but also provide the best consumer services for buyers.We use block chains to pioneer a combination of the hottest payment features on the market today and incorporate the unique features of our SUT tokens. SUM TOKEN aims to provide buyers with the proper consumer protection for online transactions, to become an intermediary platform, a contradiction mediator, by providing refund services to reduce fraud and protect businesses from the negative impact of encrypted money market volatility. We hope to further optimize the advantages of encrypted currencies, such as fast trading, low cost and low cross-border resistance, allowing businesses to trade with growing holders of encrypted currencies from around the world. In short, our goal is to create a comprehensive payment application program interface (API) for the market and the ability to encrypt payment industry leaders.Users of SUM TOKEN, smart contracts, and distributed applications will need to hold and contribute SUTs to perform various operations on SUM TOKEN. Using SUT tokens on the platform for businesses that support SUT or private transactions, the platform will launch smart block-chain digital money POS machines for consumer use by businesses around the world, and SUT will act as a legal intermediary currency for the payment system's super wallet. The key difference between SUT and other tokens lies behind it. Business model - the payment system behind it allows you to use it and consume independently, a platform with synergies with tokens.

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