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By utilizing the high fluidity,fast transaction,rapid circulation as well as safeness and reliability of tokens,the game industry has established a set of impeccable economic system.From BTC and ETH at the beginning to various mainstream currencies nowadays,as everyone knows, tokens have huge fluctuations in value.For the purpose of ensuring the players’ benefits,and realizing a stable payment and settlement system in the game ecosystem,OXO-EX issues OXO, a stable digital token, based on the mainstream public chain.Users can not only achieve voucher management via OXO,but also manage all their own assets easily,and engage in a variety of valuable financial activities. OX Omen, called OXO for short,is the currency of OXO-EX platform,and the globally first stable settlement token based on the game economic system.mainly used for the blockchain game ecosystem application circulation and the global node dividend.Giving consideration to the credit value and user experience of Bitcoins,in order to directly satisfy the global players’ more demands on transaction,value storage, earning, replacement, reinvestment and so on,At present,OXO can be used for service charge abatement,game consumption, global trade settlement and other payment applications,and can be used as a proof of stake for more blockchain products.

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