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As an important factor in the IDHub Trusted Digital Ecosystem, the primary purpose of IDHUB(token name is idhub) is to prove user identities and allocate storage space for identity attributes. IDHUB(token name is idhub) will be applied to IDHub core business – authentication of identity, and expanding of business scope, such as loans (based on credit score) and advertising (based on real identity). The value proposition of IDHub is to reduce the cost of authentication, so the application of IDHUB(token name is idhub) can greatly cut down the time and labor costs. IDHUB(token name is idhub)will help identity requesters complete the entire process of identity attributes issuing, authentication verifying and authentication encouraging. Achieving intrinsic value of the ecosystem while looping IDHUB(token name is idhub), IDHub will ensure that all parties in the authentication stage have power to drive the system opreating autonomously.

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