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XLand is a global asset data public chain developed based on blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology, combined with the Internet of Things, big data technology to build applications to open the chain of assets under the chain, providing technical support for the real economy. XLand adopts the mining mode of POST+POA consensus, builds super-verification nodes, maintains network consensus, adopts fragmentation technology, and realizes multi-chain concurrent transaction processing capability of more than one million per second, which can support high-frequency data exchange. Scenes. XLand introduces Xsuper superconducting system to achieve community ecological sustainability; develop competitive ecology with Hainan strategic partners, burn excess Token, maintain ecological balance, integrate with entities, real estate, property, commodities, finance, etc., physical assets to XLand Anchoring valuations and injecting value. In the XLand network, it is possible to reliably record and deliver capital flows, logistics, and information flows. All data such as transactions, payments, profit distribution, etc. are managed in an integrated manner, and cryptographic design is used to ensure the safety and fairness of all aspects.

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