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DeFi-X is a cross-chain compatible synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol designed to build a full-stack, open, decentralized financial ecosystem. The entire system of DeFi-X consists of the following main functional modules: the X Foundry, DeFi-XSwap, Collateral Pool, Fee Pool, Prophecy Machine, and Liquidity Mining. The X Mint Factory (a minting center for minting and destroying XUSD), DeFi-XSwap (a decentralized exchange for trading synthetic assets), and the Prophecy Machine are the core of the entire system. DeFi-X uses a collateral pool model, which allows unlimited minting of synthetic assets as long as there is sufficient value to support it and stable prophecy machine prices are provided, eliminating the need for real-time counterparties. This feature solves the illiquidity and slippage problems in DEX, while breaking down the barriers between the various types of financial markets in traditional financial markets. Create a new financial ecology • Redefining decentralized finance • Redefining digital currency • Redefining the infinite possibilities of redefining blockchains

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