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HGC is the first blockchain platform in the world to share idle bandwidth, assist network service providers to effectively allocate network resources, and encourage individuals and enterprises to deploy more nodes to join HGC network to provide data transmission services for other nodes. People can now make full use of unused idle bandwidth capacity, and will not have any impact on the network needed by individuals and enterprises! It's a very passive income - effortless! In short - you're essentially contributing network bandwidth to get HGC token incentives. Meanwhile, HGC blockchain network has been used by researchers from e-commerce, advertising and network consulting companies. These companies extract advice from the Internet for market research, advertising fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation and SEO monitoring services. At the same time, HGC innovatively introduces the elastic neural network mechanism, which can freely and intelligently control the idle resources of the network, so as to ensure that both the supplier and the demander of the bandwidth can reach an optimal balance in the process of network data transmission.

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