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BIZAIN combines two trend changes of blockchain and new retail, innovative application blockchain characteristics to build a transparent and trusted basic public chain platform, solve the problem of deep integration between offline and online, and reconstruct people, goods, Commercial elements of the field, to achieve resource aggregation and value circulation of various forms of business. The optimized PBFT consensus technology supports 5000 TTS transaction speed and has the ability to realize various medium and low frequency commercial applications. BIZAIN's digital asset certification is BIZAIN Token abbreviated as “BIZ”, Chinese name “Commerce”, the total amount of issuance is 10 billion, the current circulation is 1.5 billion. BIZ is the benefit certificate of the BIZAIN platform, which can be used to obtain various income distribution and consumption scenarios for the business chain platform. As a vertical industry chain, BIZAIN will connect a large number of C-end users to build a BIZAIN-certified economy.

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