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SubGift is a new generation of NFT comprehensive ecological platform based on Polkadot. It is equipped with cross-chain auctions, revenue aggregation mining pools, NFT lending pools and a complete front end for NFT exchanges. SubGift supports crypto artist application, NFT casting, buying and selling, airdrops, auctions, mining, lending and social services. The SubGift developed based on the subscript language is compatible with any blockchain developed based on the substrate framework, which makes SubGift launch the Polkadot ecological parachain to run its own business. The resident Polkadot ecological SubGift chooses the middleware of the Apron Network as the general API service. The solution, through the compatible Crust Network API, enables the digital native NFT project to realize copyright confirmation in a decentralized storage method. It is the first NFT integrated platform that provides on-chain copyright protection for native digital artworks. Investment from Sequoia Capital, A16Z top venture capital institution.

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