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DCS builds a one-stop platform for digital copyright confirmation, authorization and infringement protection services through distributed storage up-link and intelligent contract technology to solve users'privacy and security problems. Through the digital commodity copyright chain to promote the circulation of transactions, enabling the B and C terminals, stimulate the creation and distribution capacity of the vast number of CPs, and drive the prosperity of the Internet content industry. Under the background that digital economy is becoming the new momentum of global economic growth and the new engine of improving economic quality and efficiency, DCS platform shares economic achievements with technology and content builders of digital economy to achieve multilateral win-win situation. DCS is committed to providing a data storage infrastructure for block chains and de-centralized applications. On this infrastructure platform, it provides de-centralized cloud database storage and access capabilities, and DCS provides high-speed trading capabilities based on horizontal scalability and fragmentation technology. It is validated by relay chain technology and cross-chain transactions. It provides the ability of cross-chain transaction and data access and validation in the system, and provides the ability of cross-chain communication with other chain systems through the support of BCP protocol. By providing a series of basic capabilities such as infinitely scalable block storage, file storage, object storage, and fast network transmission (rsync), DCS makes it easy for distributed applications to generate, calculate, transfer, store and retrieve data. Through attribute encryption and proxy encryption technology, we protect the privacy of data. Moreover, DCS project has the characteristics of flexible data structure, powerful programming interface and efficient backup.

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