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IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a global, peer-to-peer distributed version of the file system, the goal is to supplement (or even replace) the hypertext transfer protocol HTTP that currently dominates the Internet, connecting all computing devices with the same file system together. The principle replaces the domain-based address with a content-based address, that is, the content that the user is looking for is not a certain address but is stored in a certain place, and does not need to verify the identity of the sender, but only needs to verify the hash of the content. It can make web pages faster, safer, more robust, and more durable. Filecoin is the incentive layer on IPFS, which builds a decentralized storage market on IPFS through the token incentive model. FILPool is a mining pool focused on Filecoin mining, while FILP is a Token token issued by the FILPool pool based on the ERC-20 standard, with a total issued value of 10 billion. Among them, 15% is used for team incentives, that is, 1.5 billion, which is gradually released in proportion to 6 years; 15% is used to give back to the sponsors, that is, 1.5 billion, which is gradually released in proportion to 6 years; 20% is used for community airdrops. That is, 2 billion pieces; 50% for mining, that is, 5 billion pieces, which is expected to be dug in 6 years.The FILPool pool aims to promote Filecoin mining effectiveness, node operation and maintenance optimization, IPFS ecological construction, distributed storage technology applications and Internet resource innovation through FILP token.

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