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TGX holders can cast xUSD by locking their TGX as collateral through DeFi-Xsmart contract. xUSD is a synthetic asset that tracks the actual asset price. They allow holders to trade various asset classes on Ethereum without having to own the actual assets or entrust any custodian. In the future, it can be used for transactions of legal tender, commodities, cryptocurrency and reverse cryptocurrency, as well as multi-scenario payment of offline shopping, hotel and travel consumption. Currently, xUSD only supports users through the POW working mechanism to get it . In the near future, xUSD+TGX high-yield mining pool will be added to the official website. Users can stake xUSD and TGX to obtain more coinage tools, TGX. Coinage can be started after DeFi-Xecological upgrading is improved and DeFi-XExchange of coinage factory is established. xUSD cash account will be displayed on DeFi-Xofficial website soon. Users can exchange xUSD for USDT (one-way transaction only), obtain xUSD through off-market transactions, or through stake TGX to borrow xUSD on the official website.

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