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VNC is a token, which is issued by the combination of blockchain and internet securities trading.In the era without the internet, Traders called their brokers to place orders. It is the 1.0 trading model.After the popularization of internet securities trading, traders began to trade on more advanced internet platforms, like Robinhood. It is a 2.0 trading model.However, regardless of the 1.0 or the more advanced 2.0, it is impossible to change some facts:There is no transparent, open, and fair trading.Traders always make a one-way contribution, which cannot enjoy returns from platforms.It's impossible to participate in community construction as a master.The popularization of blockchain technology can solve the problems between these two parties.VNC is a win-win trading model between traders and the platform.We have designed a decentralized public ledger and a consensus algorithm. Members can play three roles, miners, referrers, traders, to contribute to the community and get rewards.

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