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Ethereum Eternal (ETHE) is a new commercial ecological public chain based on blockchain underlying technology, which is fair, convenient, efficient and safe for serving the business field. As an ecosystem composed of a series of decentralized applications, the core of the ETHE is the blockchain-based virtual asset management side chain, which will create a common chain alliance to provide the basic services for each parallel common chain, so long as the public chain mechanism is adhered to, it can expand the scale, ecology and performance indefinitely; in the perfect infrastructure, the right to ecological development is more given to the market so as to give the ecological currency ETHE a stable use scenario. As the underlying building of blockchain commercial network and the value base of blockchain applications landing in various industries, in terms of technology, ETHE will continue to deep ploughing, provide robust and easy-to-use infrastructure services, and minimize the threshold for developers, users, enterprises and the entire blockchain ecosystem to use blockchain technology; On the ecological side, the ETHE ecological chain has already had a deep user base at the beginning of its construction. Secondly, a large number of ETHE will be used in the operation and ecological construction of etheric eternal ecology, including but not limited to: ETHE community Blockchain should be used in (DAPP) ecological incubation and incentive, developer community building, business cooperation and industrial cooperation, marketing promotion, academic research, educational investment, laws and regulations, and various institutional investment; All of this will allow more enterprises, users and nodes to join the ETHE ecosystem at low cost and enjoy the dividends of blockchain industry development at low threshold

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