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Environmental pollution has become one of the three major social problems in today's world, along with the global atmospheric pollution is increasingly serious, intelligent air purifier sales rise year by year, in intelligent purifier market goods quality good and bad are intermingled, fast update rate, and the intelligent level of Internet of things application under these problems, such as differences in AIRC and headed by cloud research several purifier air purification coalition of enterprises, mainly to solve the indoor air environment, more than two-thirds of the time in indoor, indoor air environment is good, can largely reduce the incidence of disease, AIRC for each negative oxygen ion purifier,Use block chain technology to record all the equipment of large data, scientific custom home air purification project, using the intelligent mobile terminal of the count, realize data sharing, to provide fresh air capacity each device size to calculate the rate, airc reward, and hence profits i.e. airc appliances operating mode to be able to produce.

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