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VNT Chain is supported by the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, Yunphant. It adopts the "Consortium Chain + Cross-Chain + Public Chain" aggregation chain architecture, and executes the "One Chain, One Platform, One Entrance" strategy, to create a global distributed intelligent value network, to build connectors for data exchange and asset exchange, and to empower the distributed economy.VNT Chain’s target is to build a global distributed smart value network based on blockchain technology to provide reliable, secure, efficient, friendly and low-cost value transfer services, and to gain widespread use in different vertical markets, such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, gaming etc. For enterprise users, existing public blockchain solutions do not quite meet the demands ofcommercial applications due to the lack of permission management and low performance. Whileconsortium blockchain solutions offer secure information sharing among members, it lacks supportfor value transfer, making it hard to be applied to a large scale. Creatively ,VNT Chain integratesthe distributed value transfer capabilities of the public blockchain and the business features of theconsortium blockchain into the architecture named Aggregation Chain. This architecture of consistsof public chain (Hubble Network), consortium blockchains (Galileo Network) and crosschain(Kepler Route).

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