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HubChain is an incentive protocol, which aims to build a blockchain network that based on DPOC (Delegated Proof of Contribution). HubChain wants to improve the way of traditional value distribution and create a sustainable UGC ecosystem by connecting the outstanding content platform, community and business organizations together. Hub 是基于区块链的数字内容分发网络,是一个分布式数字内容分发、激励系统。Hub 的目标是利用区块链技术构建一个基于委托贡献证明机制 DPOC( Delegated Proof of Contribution)的区块链网络,打造一个高效自治的内容社区,重塑内容创造者、使用者与生态建设者之间的关系,改变现有的价值分配体系,让所有参与者都能得到合理的回报。

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