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BUSD is a stablecoin issued by a Swiss company, BeTreasury Asset Management. It is developed based on the underlying technology of blockchain with a 1:1 US dollar parity. BUSD strictly executes the iron law of “Assets in reserve >= BUSD in circulation”. Which means, every BUSD in the market is guaranteed to have a corresponding $1 asset stored in the custodian bank. BUSD assets are audited by independent third party accounting firms and the audit results are regularly disclosed. Furthermore, BUSD is the very first stablecoin to develop its own mobile App which supports QR code scan for payments, receive and transfer functions for users and more. As the new payment system, BUSD satisfies the demands for smart payments and remittances to both users and merchants, online shopping, global money transfers, cross-border payments, other major industrial payment scenarios and various new methods of payment applications that are driven by blockchain. At present, BUSD has reached a strategic partnership with overseas merchants to actively build and improve the existing ecosystem of stablecoins. In the future, we will provide more application scenarios for customers to promote the development of blockchain payment towards consensus.

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