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Lambda is a blockchain infrastructure storage project that provides infinitely scalable data storage capabilities to decentralized applications. Lambda is China's FileCoin,Lambda, with the mission of promoting the decentralization of the Internet, aims to build storage infrastructure for the new generation of value Internet.Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely extended decentralized storage network. On the Lambda Chain consensus network, data decentralization, data integrity and security verification as well as the operation of market-oriented storage transactions can be realized, so as to provide infinitely extensible data storage capacity for the new generation of value Internet,At the technical level, Lambda global for the first time and published the PoST time proves that the groundbreaking in Lambda Chain consensus type VRF (variable refrigerant flowrate) + BFT consensus algorithm is introduced into the network, to ensure the operation efficiency and reliability of the network, and implements the data integrity, multiple cooperating Chain data storage, data across the Chain pipe, and many other technological breakthroughs, support the dynamic data access, data privacy protection, for the value of the Internet "the data value to the customers" great idea, make unremitting efforts

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