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ABC CHAIN is a distributed ledger system based on blockchain. Through decentralization, trust mechanisms, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms, a decentralized agarwood trading center named 'Traceability System Blockchain Digital Assets 'was created based on blockchain technology. Creating a more efficient, transparent, credible, and self-maintaining ecosystem and turning it into a commercial blockchain that can be used to the traceability of agarwood around the world. The traceability service system of the ABC CHAIN utilizes the distributed accounting technology of the blockchain to provide a secure and tamper-proof ledger and adopt high anti-counterfeiting technology to solve offline problems. It writes down the traceability information of the product in the blockchain and digitizes the physical product to release the digital asset. In the process of circulation, real-time information will be recorded in detail to ensure the complete monitoring of information. Meanwhile, this transparent process has also improved the trust system of the supply chain of agarwood. It is hoped that by combining the traceability system blockchain technology with modern management methods, the spirit and essence of this traditional industry will be better passed on. The “ABC CHAIN” using blockchain technology is used to construct an integrated and ecological closed-loop of the agarwood industrial chain encompassing planting, processing, trading, logistics, channels, and training, products, services, operations, and sales, satisfying the consumer's traceability and fidelity needs of the agarwood products.

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