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HCT health charity to create a global health, charitable donation industry to centralization and point to point trading ecological community, the use of block chain to centralization, the realization of personal health charitable information digital, warrant, block, to build a healthy encryption digital money new ecology!Industry pain point: the purpose is to solve the problems of traditional health charity information redundancy, fund raising, misappropriation, abuse, medical research and development, medical and patient trust, drug tracing and so on.HCT, with the force of community ecological construction, began to apply to the ground at the same time, and quickly established the community ecology through 'HC health' APP effective grip. 1. Currently, the 600+ community covers 200 thousand + users. 2, APP registration volume reached 80 thousand +, are real users, active users 60 thousand + 3. HC health workers maintain daily updates and project progress notices. 4. Weekly online interaction between two project members and community members.Johnny Ling HCT founder Internet financial early entrepreneur, grand venture capital co founder, charitable workers, has launched a rural filial piety fund, rural left behind children assistance and other charity projects, 7 years of P2P financial experience, 3 year market value management team experience.Yin Feng (tigerYin) graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a master's degree in computer science. He was a research and development consultant for the G&C science team system.Li Jing (Carol LEE), an early Internet + founder, a leading woman in China's team operations and community marketing. It has rich experience in integrating resources and industry resources.Cui Dianqiang (Andy Cui) 60 after the famous angel investor, philanthropist, focused on health investment, charitable donations, Internet investment, block chain technology investment.ELITEZHOU, chain of whale quasi business school CEO, win capital partners, graduated from Xi'an Electronic and Science University, received a bachelor's degree in information management and information system management, 5 years of university computer teaching, and project engineering development management experience.

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