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Coinzen is a lifelong learning blockchain community incubated platform. It is the world's first community-based gamification and game-based realization platform for incubating communities. Today, in the rise of blockchain technology, it is particularly epoch-making to incubate a blockchain community.The concept of Coinzen comes from the Dharma House and Tokentalk online collaboration teams both derived from the Chainclub. Coinzen inherits the whole systematic approach of the Chainclub. Through advanced screening of knowledge-based interactive games, combined with the new collaboration technology of blockchain and smart contracts as well as external resources, Coinzen will eventually create a future-oriented blockchain community incubated game platform. All blockchain enthusiasts can find their core specialty in the collaborative relationship of the community, develop their negative entropy kernel, show the truest of themselves, find meaningful interpersonal relationships, improve collaboration capabilities, and inspire creativity, gain spiritual and material wealth finally.

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