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Also known as JarvisPlus, Jarvis+ is the World's 1st Smart Contract based AI Conversation as Service Platform and a leading Decentralized Intelligence Solution World that empowers everyone and every organization to embrace the era of 'Community Ecosystem and Smart Economy', which is being reshaped by the new technologies of BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence. Jarvis+ has two platforms, the Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) and the Decentralized Marketplace Platform (DMP), representing the two stages of Jarvis+ development respectively. ICP as the first stage is a platform of tools and services for blockchain and community, and DMP as the second stage is a decentralized platform for community data and economy and evolved from the first stage.Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) is infused by three AI capabilities that are Conversational AI, Insightful AI and Cognitive AI, and builts out a set of smart services with proven methodologies to start, develop and grow the community economy, which is a brand new organization ecology in the digital world. To achieve this democratized well-being, Decentralized Marketplace Platform (DMP) is infused by blockchain technology and developed to make the freedom, willing and opening transaction for data across all used popular channels.After the final general availability of both ICP and DMP, 'Jarvis+ Twins' will be formed to bridge the real community economy and digital smart economy, to connect the real creators of data to the whole virtual ecosystem, and to monetize the value of data between consumers and providers.

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