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FISU is the world's first blockchain-based sports shoes ecological alliance public chain, which focuses on applying blockchain anti-counterfeit traceability technology to the sports shoes field and aims to empower the combination of real economy and token economy. As a high-performance parallel chain platform, FISU not only ensures decentralization and safety, but also provides stronger performance and scalability, overcoming the difficulty for achieving "Golden Triangle". FISU uses off-chain encryption economic design and hierarchical structure to build a basic environment of de-trust, distribution type and strong privacy protection, and innovates by building and using distributed applications under the chain, so as to better balance the possible scalability risks, thus meeting the actual commercial landing needs. FISU pioneers the new mode of blockchain technology + sports shoes industry. FISU’s anti-counterfeiting traceability system, big data storage and application system, token economy model, supply chain financial services and online mall warrant bidding (POSB) system make it possible for blockchain to be applied comprehensively in the sports shoes field. It revitalizes each chain link, and creates unlimited value for the global sports shoes industry.

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