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True Chain is the first public chain in the world which brings about the technology of hybrid consensus combining PBFT and POW. Many public chains based on single consensus mechanism such as PoW or PoS, are having a bottleneck in efficiency. One the other hand, those based on dPos or dBFT have been improved in efficiency, but are having problems in decentralization. That being said, True Chain, while keeps the essence of decentralization, can also deliver fast and highly efficient performance. As one may know, the scalability and security are the core issues confronting the consensus mechanism of PoW and PBFT respectively. True Chain, by combining the two together, has solved the most important problem of public chain -- the co-existence of decentralization and efficiency. PBFT protocol ensures the transmission of value as well as the speed and efficiency needed by commercial activities of DApps, and PBFT with PoW together ensures True Chain to be a public chain, ie to be decentralized. True Chain aims to be the best public chain. The complete matrix of products allow users and institutions to interact with the chain conveniently. Included in the product matrix are Stellar -- the platform for the DApp developers to create smart contracts and manage the life cycle of the contracts; DApp warehouse -- the warehouse for decentralized applications on True Chain; TrueScan explorer; True Light Purse, etc. The leading research and engineering team of True Chain come from the U.S., India and China. True Chain is a committee member of China’s National Cloud Industry Strategic Innovation Alliance, a member of the National Chain-Web Innovation Center of China; and is also one of the few block chain projects that have been reported by China’s authoritative media - CCTV, and also participated in the research work of the white paper released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Chinese government.

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