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The cultural industry basic chain (CIB) is a comprehensive blockchain system of 'multi-chain coexistence and cross-chain integration'. It takes the cultural industry as the entrance, and uses the brand-new concepts and technologies of the blockchain to The needs, pain points, difficulties, and development bottlenecks of industrial development, build an efficient, easy-to-use, distributed blockchain architecture platform to serve the real economy and meet the real business needs of the real economy. The cultural industry basic chain uses the technology of 'multi-chain coexistence and cross-chain fusion' to ensure the feasibility and reliability of the application scenarios. From the start, development, cost, revenue, and repayment of the project are automatically handled by smart contracts, the investment direction is open and transparent, and combined with the traditional culture of the landing enterprise (project), creating a platform that runs through the entire process of investment and management of the cultural film and television industry!

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