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ProducePay (PP) is a financial company located in Los Angeles, CA, which has been devoted to the integration of agricultural supply chain for a long time. Over the years, the company has made outstanding achievements in the integration of market and origin, and has solved the financial and sales problems for a large number of small farmers. At the same time, it has also made great contributions to the liquidity of the futures market and international trade of agricultural products. ProducePay big data service platform collects 7 billion pieces of data every day, and through virtualization technology to precisely control the local agricultural ecosystem, realizes agricultural automation to improve plant health and yield. ProducePay Block Chain helps to track the origin of agricultural products on the big data service platform, providing consumers with safe, reliable and authentic traceability information of agricultural products. ProducePay plans to test network for agricultural data model block chains in early 2020. It mainly solves the problems of unified quality information standards, commodity flow channels, electronic vouchers and anti-counterfeiting identification.

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