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The ISAS team is aiming for a fast, scalable, and completely decentralized global distributed transaction database network that provides the most basic network storage, security, and encryption capabilities. The later stage is suitable for the development of new and efficient DAPP based on this blockchain protocol. It is a P2P network with an open participation model, where any node can join and leave freely. Subvert the entire network, change the storage mechanism of a single hardware device. Basic situation of the project: ISAS full Internet Statistical Analysis System in the era of rapid development of Internet development and 5 g, the security of the people in the pursuit of storage, speed, permanent, privacy is more and more demanding requirements on this applying ISAS chain blocks the development of the underlying protocol can solve the System security, the privacy of personal storage, with the aid of high-speed Internet, as well as the coming of the era of 5 g, distributed storage and other block chain, the fastest ISAS is the underlying protocol

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