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The ASC full name All Spring Chain (Chinese name: Daquan Chain) project strives to create a perfect combination of block chains and e-commerce business ecosystem. Through block chain technology to create a fair incentive system, reconstruct the credit system of e-commerce platform, help consumers reduce trial and error costs, and build word-of-mouth brand for high-quality businesses. Through the data warehouse and large data analysis system, it provides a decentralized information sharing solution for small and medium-sized micro-e-commerce enterprises to realize a symbiotic and win-win harmonious ecological circle. The ASC project was initiated by the Silicon Valley Block Technology Research Center of the United States and jointly created by the Digital Development Institute of Block Chain of the United Kingdom as a consultant unit. At present, we are cooperating with many institutions such as Chain Capital, Longyi Capital, Luchen Capital, Shengchuang Capital, Dior, Shengyin Capital, Huayao Capital, Mercury Capital, Hunan Chain Capital, Wu's Investment and Lesheng Holdings.

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