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Today, as the material and cultural living standards continue to improve, the tourism industry has also ushered in a period of rapid development. In view of the many problems in the centralized service model of the traditional tourism service market, the service and experience of consumers are greatly reduced, which affects the enthusiasm of consumers. The market calls for a platform that can provide fair and standardized services for consumers. This is the original intention and mission of the establishment of GTSE chain. GTSE letter and travel chain, global tourism sharing ecology, a commitment to provide consumers with credit-based travel, build a blockchain + new eco-tourism service platform. GTSE platform based The blockchain technology is established, and the distribution of blockchain, transparent information, asymmetric encryption, and intelligent contracts are fully utilized to make all information of the platform become trustworthy. Solving the problem that the tourism industry information cannot be directly reciprocated, avoiding a large number of rakes on third-party platforms, saving intermediate transaction fees and procedures, and ensuring that each evaluation is true and effective, making high-quality tourism services possible.

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