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Littlesesame is a professional, open and secure decentralized blockchain resource cooperation service platform. Have a secure, reliable and open decentralized network system. The platform integrates high-quality and comprehensive blockchain projects, investment institutions and related blockchain services through Little sesame DAPP. With a unique social interaction model, the platform provides a new type of venture capital services for investment and financing, aiming to create a perfect and efficient The economic chain of the blockchain industry will promote the standardized operation of the blockchain market. Sesame Chain uses its unique resource release to prove the POR (Proof of Resource release) consensus mechanism to achieve network incentives. Through the establishment of network super nodes to achieve high-speed and efficient results, to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the network, and to achieve data integrity certification, data dynamic access, data collaborative storage management, protection of data privacy and many other technological breakthroughs, real realization Return the value of the data to the user.

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