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Token name: LWH Security Token,Total issuance: 1 billion;Each 100 token backed by 1 LWH PLC ordinary share. Fundamental value: EUR124/share。The development of LWH Security Token as an encrypted virtual currency makes it applicable in holding motivation mechanism and the behavior of the consumer based on the blockchain technology and the application of smart contracts. In the Zurich Crypto Exchange, LWH Security Token is used as a token thus provides an operating medium for the trading behavior and smart contracts within the platform. The functioning of LWH Security Token significantly relies on the blockchain technology which it uses in the provision of internet services along with social network trading platforms for its users. It is an open network that allows and encourages its users in combining their efforts and creating the largest commercial trading platform which enables the participants to become beneficiaries in the developing and growing market of virtual currency thus being able to achieve the shared economy system.

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