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AXON is the cryptocurrency of the Axonomy ecosystem. Axonomy is a platform with both centralized and decentralized frameworks to keep up with trends, and supports different public chains to provide a complete and diversified portfolio of open- finance applications and products which were carefully screened by a professional investment team with the due diligence, evaluation to handpick ideal DeFi products. The goal of Axonomy is to be the first decentralized investment community serving users with the best blockchain products.Axonomy aims to remove the technical barrier for classic internet users and provide them the better DApp experience. Meanwhile, driven by community, Axonomy connects users with blockchain projects and innovative technology and co-create value.In Axonomy, projects, investors and community are coordinated by a continuously upgraded incentive mechanism so a virtuous circle that all participate, all contribute and all benefit becomes possible. Users can share profits generated by industry growth.

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