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Blocknew is a blockchain content social commercial ecosystem, dedicated to building a blockchain-based one-stop service platform for information, social interaction, shopping and life consumption. Users can have in-depth understanding of the merchants' products and services through articles and interact with other users and merchants in the community at the same time. The transaction information of shopping and consumption is time-stamped, on the chain, realizing the right of the transaction and the information untampered. Traditional e-commerce is a super-centralized industry. Serious monopoly, data silos, information asymmetry, and opacity directly lead to problems such as lack of trust in the industry and continuous increase in costs of attracting customers. The business mode of Blocknew commercial platform based on blockchain has applied for China's national invention patents. The self-motivated and self-evolving system will bring unbelievably strong sales to merchants and through the cooperation with merchants, we will be able to trace the origin of products based on blockchain technology to ensure that the products are from unchangeable place of origin, owned by brand merchants or with official authorization. Blocknew have set up the globally unified investment management agencies overseas and will found the global R&D centers in the Silicon Valley, USA, conducting business directly or through strategic partners in many countries around the world to establish global business ecosystem based on the confirmation contract blocknew public chain.

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