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Ultiledger, the Next Generation Global Self-financing Blockchain Protocol, an open source protocol initiated by a number of IT technology geeks, gets a high-level consensus and co-governance from the communities. Ultiledger aims to build an economic and financial ecosystem based on token ULT to help any organization (contains government, business, industry clusters or individuals and communities) that needs to build trust at a low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial book and account system of bank-grade security; zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem; improved security, privacy, efficiency and capital availability of the system through the combination of the main chain and sub-chains. In the Ultiledger ecosystem, any tangible assets, data or intangible rights can be written on blockchain to become a string of code to achieve assets and data tokenization, and to use smart contracts and distributed storage for completing functions such as confirmation, notarization, trading, circulation, etc., and finally achieving “credit circulation, asset circulation, value circulation” in the algorithm world.

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