Mars Coin

base info

MC is an eco-uniform certificate issued based on the four major products of Mars Blockchain Group. The total amount of issuance is 16 billion and the first phase will issue 2 billion. Regular destruction and community airdrops will be implemented to maintain the balance of the entire MC ecosystem. MC hopes to provide users with a one-stop service, which users can achieve trading, storage, communication, entertainment and other functions. The four major ecological products of Mars construct a complete blockchain economic system. As a value certificate, MC is a function mark of value circulation in the entire ecosystem. The issuance of MC will further advance the integration of ecological values. Any user who uses these products will obtain a certain amount of MC as a valuable community behavior reward. Thus, MC can flow freely throughout the ecosystem. This mechanism empowers the entire ecology of Mars Media. In the future, the MC rewards obtained by users can be used for consumption and equity exchange in the App. Also, the community will allocate a certain amount of MC for community construction.

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