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Link Management Chain utilizes blockchain technology to provide an optimal solution for the security vulnerabilities, privacy concerns,and high operating costs existing in the Internet of Things (IoT).The major drawback of IoT is that it lacks a trust mechanism between devices. All devices are required to cross-check with a central server database. As a result, instabilities in the central database will have significant repercussions on the entire IoT system. On the other hand, Link Management Chain’s distributed network architecture provides a mechanism to ensure devices stay connected and avoid verification with a central server. As a result, the data in the whole system is still secure even if one or multiple nodes are attacked. Rather than relying on a central processor, Link Management Chain provides a point-to-point connection to transfer data between devices. Distributed computation allows the system to process millions of transactions concurrently.In addition, Link Management Chain introduces smart contracts into blockchain, which will transform every smart device into an independent and self-maintained node. These nodes are capable of executing code automatically to exchange data or verify identification. As a result, operation and maintenance costs will be reduced regardless of product cycle length.Link Management Chain plans to integrate this technology with various product chains, such as agricultural and industrial production. This will allow producers to have comprehensive monitoring and automation of their manufacturing and distribution processes. All members in the product chain (e.g. consumers, distributors, carriers) will also be to provide feedback amongst each other to regularly improve and perfect the entire process.

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