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NUChin is an artificial intelligence + internet of value discovery ecology based on BNP network general protocol. NUhain creatively proposes a new five-layer architecture of block chain, defines the common network protocol ( BNP ) of block chain, combines the technologies of internet, internet of things and block chain, and based on TCP / IP protocol, designs the framework, protocol, content and other technical standards of BNP protocol in detail, which is expected to become the common protocol of block chain network transmission. Meanwhile, NUChain has designed block chain hardware products such as NUCBox, NUCRouter, and NUCSDK that support BNP protocol, which can realize the chain-up of off-chain assets, thus solving the problem of the first kilometer of block chain. In addition, nu chain's original PoC contribution value proves that the consensus mechanism is more fair and reasonable, protecting the rights and interests of ordinary nodes. PoSt big data cloud mining enables data providers to have a direct benefit method, thus realizing data democracy. Various traditional enterprises in the real economy, based on NUCchain, can better realize the transformation of the block chain, successfully chain up the real assets and become encrypted digital assets to be traded around the world. NUChain gradually completes the free mapping of entities, free transaction of data, and free circulation of values, thus forming a distributed digital asset ecology.

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