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As the only digital token issued by Lotoblock, LOTO will be traded by users to created and participate in predictive events. Those who are correct about the results will be rewarded LOTO by the platform. and the pricing, trading, matching and settlement of the events are real-time processing. As a predictive market, Lotoblock collects data to elicit aggregating beliefs over an unknown future outcome, such as U.S. presidential election results, E.U. foreign economic policy, housing price, weather and sport competitions. Lotoblock provides users with different types of future unknown events, allowing participating users to make the most of their intelligence and knowledge to improve the accuracy of the prediction of the events. As a gaming ecosystem, Lotoblock will dramatically shorten the time of game development, and decrease the operation cost. As the sole currence of Lotoblock, LOTO is used as a medium for all transactions in the ecosystem. Lotoblock permits free trade of LOTO with BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

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