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BFK is committed to the payment and circulation of digital money at the daily level of people's lives to solve the pain of the industry where digital money is limited to the level of financial instruments, so that digital money can be integrated into the lives of ordinary people. The BFK Platform has opened various types of applications that people must use for recharge services, train tickets, airline tickets, hotel orders, block chain source shopping malls, Didi taxis, travel, ticketing, and express delivery. BFK is used as a fuel for operation. The platform replaces most of the third-party rebates with BFK rewards to users. BFK implements direct payment of various orders, thereby enhancing user viscosity and obtaining large user data. BFK is different from other encrypted currencies. It does not perform Angel, cornerstone, and ICO behaviors. It is based on the value generated by the Internet's big data, and it is based on the huge circulation of BFK to ensure that the value of BFK steadily rises.

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