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GGS is a player that is a shareholder of the globalization of innovative online regional block chain gaming platform, platform base on block chain and EOS intelligent contract bottom running environment,we fully using blockchain and EOS ecosystem, establish a complete safety, verifiable fairness, decentralization, to trust, the most complete the game without borders, scale the globalization online gambling entertainment game system . The system allows users to bet on EOS participation at zero cost, and it is absolutely certain that all games are 100% fair ; GGS give full play to the core values of the blockchain economy and the shared economy, and open up a new financial sharing economic platform, in which players are shareholders, games are mining, and participation is value. All players (that is, shareholders) of the system can obtain the platform revenue within 24 hours of the system. The advanced design mode of the system encourages more players to participate in the game and share the long-term development prospect of the platform.

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