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MAXONE Technology&Entertainment Organization, registered in 2018 and established in British Cayman Islands, is committed to applying innovative blockchain technology to reforming traditional gaming rules, promoting transparency and efficiency of Technology&Entertainment industry, refactoring the ecosystem of industry, and bringing new market opportunities. MAXONE.ONE is introducing ONE, a new Token based on EOS.IO blockchain with the total amount of 8.8 billion that endows MAXONE Ecosystem and Community with value. Currently, MAXONE Ecosystem consists of three superb Decentralized Games named, and is one of the most innovative Dice Games on the EOS.IO blockchain with impartial mechanism controled by smart contract, and the real-time random numbers it uses are generated by blockchain automatically, making it more credible and reliable. platform sets certain Incentive Mechanisms for its users, such as gaming rewarding and daily profit sharing. Moreover, ONE adopts specific Destruction Mechanisms to reducing the total amount of token supply, adjusting the token demand-supply relations as well as the impact factors in secondary market, and finally rewarding owners of ONE.

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