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Fortunechain is a vertical industry public chain based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It is dedicated to solving the anti-counterfeiting pain points and the need to monetize for collectible high-end jewelry and antiques. Treasure in treasure token (TITT) is the world's first intelligent image token with decentralization, value circulation, human-machine dialogue and community consensus. It is divided into two forms: the colorless root token and the dye token. Dye token can only be generated on chain by colorless root token through the jewelry and antiques information collected by artificial intelligence device. The fortunechain adheres to the core concept of circulation generating value, which separates the jewelry antiques from the authentic value. Thereby forming an organic whole of online and offline anti-counterfeiting connections and value mapping. As a token with cost and value, the fortunechain TITT itself allows users to enjoy multiple rights and interests of collectible jewelry and antiques.

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